Should I Fix Or Replace My Roof?

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Have you found shingles laying on your lawn? How about the top sign of roofing failures such as leaks or water spots on your ceiling?

You’re not alone if you addressed yes to any of these concerns. 

Having been in the roof and construction industry for more than 45 years, I have actually been asked a lot of times what the options to these issues are. The services can vary but most of the time your roof can be fixed. Then there likewise comes a time when changing your roofing system is the only option.

The question is, how do you understand which one is best for you? Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

So, do you need roofing system repair work or a full roofing system replacement? Always excited to help you find the right choice for you and your roof, I’m going to answer that question and you’ll even have the chance to take our totally free test at the end of the post to help you even further. And if you’re looking for roofing in Melbourne, click here.

Repair Vs. Replacement For Various Roof Material Options

Unless your slate or tile roof is more than 70 years old, there’s a great chance that even comprehensive repair will be a better financial investment than setting up an entirely new roofing system. 

On the flip side, with a wood roofing fallen into disrepair or harmed enough to require comprehensive work, the best option may not only be replacement, however replacement with a various product.

There are plenty of house owners who feel the low life expectancy and high upkeep requirements of wood roofing are a reasonable trade-off for its look, wood roofing has gone out of style for a reason! If aging has taken its toll on your wood roof, you should (at the minimum) take a glimpse at the expense and efficiency of more long-lasting roof product options before you decide to choose wood once again.

Opportunities are, if your metal roofing system has actually aged long enough to need repair work on any kind of frequent basis, it has actually currently done its job for decades and ought to be retired and changed.

If a metal roofing system is damaged by impact, there is a high likelihood that repair will repair the damage for great and the roofing as a whole will carry out well for years to come.

Factors To Get Your Roof Fixed

If you’re mulling the options of fixing vs. changing your roofing system, consider repair work in the following circumstances:

The Damage Is Just Minor

If the damage to your roof is just minor, a total roofing replacement may be a pricey, extreme expenditure. A roofing system is implied to last for numerous years and withstand inclement weather. When damage is limited to small locations, roof professionals can typically repair it. 

A leak over your cooking area or restroom could quickly be the result of isolated damage to otherwise healthy roofing. Pretty much any kind of damage restricted to a small location can be repaired. Small holes, for instance, can be repaired. 

When basic repair work saves you thousands in roofing costs, there is no reason to invest in a brand-new roofing system.

Moderate Damage

If the damage to your roofing is more considerable but confined to one side or location of your roofing, partial reroofing may be an option, and it’s likely to cost less than a complete reroofing project.

It may be more difficult to match the colour of the brand-new roof materials with the existing ones. As an outcome, the newly reroofed portion may stand out from the rest of the roofing.

Replacing The Roof

How do you understand when it’s time for a whole brand-new roofing design? The answer depends on a variety of factors, which you ought to consider whenever you’re faced with a roofing repair vs. replace the issue.

Indications of Moisture or Water Damage– Water is an effective force– just take a look at the Grand Canyon for evidence of its consistent nature. Once it permeates beneath your roof’s shingles, it can rapidly discover its way inside, where it can trigger severe damage and even health problems. 

If you see signs of wetness inside your house, including brown areas on the ceiling, peeling paint or mould, you ought to probably opt to change your whole roofing instead of attempt a patch or repair.

A Current Disaster

If your area was recently hit with a typhoon, twister, or specifically violent storm, the damage may be comprehensive adequate to require a total roofing replacement. Even a single severe winter season can press an ailing roof into a state of emergency situation.

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