Wedding DJ Cost Factors

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The concern of wedding event DJ prices is an intriguing one because almost every DJ on the planet costs their services a different way. Just asking “just how much does a wedding DJ cost?” won’t inform the entire story, since you need to guarantee that you’re comparing apples to apples when taking a look at various price quotes from DJs.

When we were revamping our bundles and prices for MyDeejay, we chose to embark on an experiment to get to the bottom of why couples contacting us appeared to have such various ideas about the price of a DJ for a wedding event. We pulled price lists and “secret shopped” lots of DJ business in several major cities, in addition to DJ costs in smaller sized markets and more rural areas. We were interested in discovering precisely what factors entered into just how much a wedding DJ charges, and how the cost of a wedding DJ modifications as a result of those elements. Even though our company charges a bit more than most of the wedding DJs in our area, our consumers still regularly rate us as being an exceptional value– we have a 4.9 out of 5-star score for “Worth” on WeddingWire, based upon over 800 reviews. How could we cost more, however still be an exceptional value? It appeared that customer fulfilment wasn’t based solely on a couple getting the lowest-priced wedding event DJ they might find and that we were required to comprehend the relationship between value and cost before we chose our offerings. For wedding DJs and wedding entertainment in Melbourne, Go here and click for info.

What Does A Professional Wedding DJ Do?

Great wedding DJs are a lot more than disk jockeys who merely play music. They are aces at assisting your wedding event go efficiently.

The majority of DJs will have their database for you to tape-record your preferred tunes, essential playlists, and tunes to prevent. You can likewise provide them with your wedding celebration names and any other announcements you’d like them to manage. The ideal DJ can advise on the very best circulation and timing for the first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance in addition to things like the cake cutting, toasts, and bouquet toss.

And a DJ creates a terrific dance party! Excellent DJs understand how to keep the state of mind going with a balance of sluggish and positive tunes. They’ll likewise be the ones to reveal things such as the last call and deal info about your transport and after-party.

Wedding Event DJ Expense Elements

Type Of Event

As you might expect, wedding event DJs cost more than a DJ for a graduation party or anniversary. Did you understand that DJs for coming-of-age parties frequently cost more than wedding event DJs?

Length Of Event

DJing might appear like a dream task, but it’s also a lot of work. DJs are on their feet, keeping their eye on the crowd and managing the total mood of the party, remaining one action ahead of occasions and working closely with the party host or occasion coordinator to keep the event on the schedule. That’s why the number of hours a DJ is employed to spin music will affect the cost of services. Many DJs use packages that consist of a set number of hours, with versatile pricing to accommodate extra hours.


You will undoubtedly desire the music at your wedding party to be of the very best quality which implies you will anticipate your DJ to come with advanced, modern-day equipment. Buying and even leasing such equipment costs a great deal of cash (sometimes going into the thousands). Not to discuss the maintenance costs. If your DJ provides lighting as a part of the package, that can add to the expenses too.


Unless the DJ has a playlist of all initial tracks or copyright-free music, it is highly likely that they pay for the music. Every couple wishes to guarantee that their DJ has access to thousands of songs so that last-minute demands can be accommodated. Due to the threat of copyright infringement, they need to spend on the music, which can be a pricey affair. And when they modify those tunes or produce remixes, they need to devote more labour, time and cash.

Operational Costs

The majority of companies also have insurance due to the fact that employing an uninsured DJ is a liability. The rate you pay for your DJ goes into maintaining all these operations.

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