Wedding Cake Dos and Don’ts

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Wedding Cake Dos and Don’ts


Everyone has a wedding cake at their gathering, however many don’t understand the historical backdrop of the wedding cake and its significance today. 

As far back as the Roman Empire, wedding cakes were made. Notwithstanding, the wedding cake during that period was somewhat unique about the extravagant cakes we see today and the cakes were not eaten by visitors going to the celebrations. A portion of grain bread was utilized for the pre-marriage ceremony. The lucky man would be a part of the bread and fellowship over the ladies head. This was representative of breaking the lady’s condition of virginity and the man of the hour’s strength over the lady. 

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Do A Bit Of Research first 

We as a whole expertise well things transform out when you stroll into a shop with no thought what you’re searching for. You quite often leave flat broke or with something you don’t actually need. So invest some energy contemplating what kind of cake flavors and styles make your prior day you even methodology a pastry specialist. This will make it simpler to locate an incredible bread cook that represents considerable authority in such a thing you have at the top of the priority list.

Try Not To Fix On A Price. In Any Case, Have A Budget Range. 

Wedding cakes differ in costs fundamentally. Everything relies upon the size, style, and flavour you pick. For example, if you need colourful flavours like Rasamalai, strawberry and white chocolate, at that point you can expect a greater sticker price. Essentially, the cost additionally differs depending on the icing style you pick — couverture chocolate ganache, new cream, swiss meringue buttercream, fondant, etc. 

All things being equal, of fixing on a specific cost, settle on the spending range that you can bear. This encourages you to work around what you like.

Book Your Baker Early

When you have your wedding date set, it’s a smart thought to save your cake creator. You can settle subtleties nearer to the time whenever you’ve arranged different things, yet presumed pastry specialists frequently get reserved for famous dates a half year 1 year ahead of time.

Do Match The Cake Size To The Number Of Guests

Generally speaking, an average three-tiered cake can serve around 50 to 100 guests. If you have around 200 guests for the ceremony, then you’ll need a cake with five layers. Alternatively, you can use a small wedding cake as the centrepiece, and use it for the cutting ceremony. And, serve individual slice cakes to your guests.

Ensure You Eat Some Cake On The Day 

What might be more troubled than setting aside the effort to arrange a delightful wedding cake, respecting it during your gathering and afterwards neglecting to eat any?! The day passes by in such a hurricane, there’s a decent possibility you just will not find the opportunity to nibble on your wedding cake, so ensure you request that your caterer put a couple of cuts aside for you and your dearest to appreciate as a quick bite or breakfast the following day.

Try not to Choose Flavors Based on What Everyone Else Likes 

Keep in mind, it’s your huge day. Thus, pick a flavour that you and your accomplice both love. At the point when you meet with wedding cake cooks in Gurgaon, make a point to taste and test a lot of flavours. Go past the standard flavours like vanilla and chocolate. Here, at Gurgaon Bakers, we have a wide scope of fascinating flavours like blueberry, new strawberry, salted caramel, red velvet and much more flavours to browse. 

Remember to taste the fillings as well. You have a lot of decisions like Dulce le Leche, mango, guava, energy products of the soil.


A wedding cake is an incredible chance to place a touch of your character into it. Play around with your #1 tones, flavours and beautiful subtleties that mean something to you as a team. These days, anything goes, so you don’t need to get hung up on convention if it’s not critical to you.

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